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A Doctor in your phone

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Online Doctor has become a well known concept in modern healthcare.


But let's go through some use cases that might enlighten you.


1. You had unprotected sexual intercourse and have very less time to do something. Pull out your phone and talk to a doctor on JustDoc


2. You have minor headache since two days and you are now slightly getting worried about this. But somehow, don't feel like going all the way to a doctor. Well there you go, just consult a doctor online


3. Your parents back home are getting old, and you want to be there with them and help them as much as possible. But you are caught in the web of modern life and hardly have time for anything else. Your parents can now talk to any doctor with a single click. 


4. Your doctor suggested a jaw-dropping surgical procedure for a tiny toe problem that you had since 9th grade. Get an unbiased second opinion from a senior doctor, who doesn't get any commission on referrals. 


5. For all the queries you ever wanted to ask but were too afraid to confront someone. Be it a mental, emotional or a physical query, just do online doctor consultation


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